Mundy Cakes

Meet Mundy

My real name is Amanda but most of my friends call me Munds, Mundy, or Cakes. Music drives my soul, I run to challenge myself, I eat trail mix when I am happy and sad, and I want to be a hip hop dancer. I have been baking since I was a little one with my mama and really started to develop a special passion for the art of sugar cookies.

Not only do I love baking and decorating, I love the way it brings me together with other COOL and AWESOME people, I love how it brings me a form of THERAPY that no one could pay for, I love that it helps DEFINE who I am, I love putting SMILES on people's faces when they eat them, I love INSPIRING others and myself, and I love how HAPPY it makes me to have actually seen success from something that I enjoy doing!

REAL TALK - I work from home full time at a mortgage company,and I work my little booty off. My sugar cookie business is my side hustle - but I HATE calling it that because it is so much more than that to me- it is my passion and dream goal. One day, who knows what will happen; maybe my side hustle will become my main hustle! I can tell you I've got big aspirations though. 

In the meantime, I continue to enjoy cookifying the sh$t out of anything and everything for you! And I hope you follow along for the ride.